Monday, September 22, 2008

Yellow Shirts, Denim Skirts, Black boots and Press On Nails!

On Saturday Marley was begging me to go to Wal-mart and buy her some fake nails. (we do this every once in awhile) Anyway, I told her I would take her, but she needed to use her own money, so I helped her count out how much she would need and she put it into a ziploc and off we all went to the store. (taking all 4 of them to the store deserves its own posting) Well at the store there was of course to many choices! I had to steer her away from the long black ones, as well as other outrageous ones. But she did find some she was excited about and that I okayed. When we got back home she was ready of course to put them on. Ally always want to put some on when I do Marley's but there is never enough small ones left over to do hers, but for some reason in the packet we bought, there was plenty to do hers as well. When I told her that, she just about fell off her chair! So excited! The nails come with this adhesive stuff, that doesn't really stick good at all, so we peel it off and we super-glue them on! Safe I know. Anyway, as I was putting Ally's on, she was just beaming, and with each one I added she would yell and say "Marley look" Marley was so happy for her, they had already decided that morning to dress the same, yellow shirts, denium skirts and black boots!! So now that they had matching nails, it was just to much, they were so happy! That night we went to the football game, and as we were pulling up to the game Ally said, "what if one of my nails falls off at the game?" To which Marley says, "don't worry I packed the super-glue in my purse!" That Marley is always prepared for a fashion emergency!!


Kellogg Krew said...

Oh, Trachel!! That is too cute. See, that is why you had all the girls and I had all the boys!! I would never do all that stuff. Good job!!

Farris said...

That was such a cute post. How fun to have all these girls around, and what cute one's they are at that. Buck is going to have his work cut out for him during those fun dating years.

Preesley is 1!