Thursday, April 23, 2009

Old Business

Preesley has had a busy month, she learned to crawl, learned to clap, wave bye-bye and say "papa". I know I enjoyed all my girls at this age, but I think maybe now I appreciate it more. Especially since she is probably our last baby. She is still the most popular gal at our house.

Paige has been dying to go fishing lately, she went last Saturday with Pops and Linda, and is begging every chance she gets to get of school and go. Pops taught her how to tie her own flies so she has really gotten into it. She has also been busy taking the hunter safety course. She will be 10 this year, so she can start putting in for the draw. I have never seen a girl more excited to hunt. She takes the test tonight and if she out wild animals! She loves it all, (the boy we never had). She actually loves to do just about anything. In the evenings I have been teaching her how to pass a volleyball. She is getting pretty good, each time we are done practicing says "thanks mom". I think that is so sweet. All kids really want is our time.

Miss Marley has just been buzzing around dabbling into everything. You never saw a kid more happy to be home from school. She comes in drops the backpack, goes up stairs and puts on comfy clothes, comes downstairs flops on the couch and watches tv. Then she starts asking to eat just about anything I will let her, then she sits and snacks, then she is ready to got outside, she loves to play badmitten, then she rides her bike, then she is on the swingset and into the sand box. She does not stop till bedtime. She is just so fun to watch, she really enjoys life. Oh and usually squeezes in some painting and drawing. She wants to be an artist. I have been asking her if the want to be soccer, or dance, and she says nope I want to be in art class! So Pops is going to start doing some things with her when Paige and Ally start soccer.

As for Ally, her days consist of helping me with Preesley, watching cartoons, playing outside on the swingset and going to Preschool. She also seems to squeeze in a weekly play date with one of her friends. She loves to hang out with Brooklyn, Jade and Lydia. Ally is always so willing to help around the house, very rarely does she argue about doing her chores.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's a GIRL!

Yeap we've done it again. He have added another girl to our family. This girl comes via you local pet store. Somehow, and I do mean somehow!!! The girls talked us into getting a hamster. It all started with Paige earning money and wanting to spend it on a pet, you know a fish or turtle or something. Well, no turtles at the pet store, and I mean why would you want a fish after you see bunnies, puppies, hamsters and macaws!! Paige was not going to buy a fish! Anyway, we ended up with a hamster. And I told Paige I wasn't contributing one red cent to this little endevour!! Ally and Marley kept saying that they would "mix" their money in with Paige's to get everything. (Ally had $1 and Marley had $2) Well they were about $1-$2 short of having all the cash they needed for a cage, food, bedding, and the hamster. So I gathered up some change (literally) from the cup holder in the car, and gave it to them. I couldn't believe they had talked me into this. What happens is that they get Buck on board with stuff first, so if he agrees and I don't, well...then...I just look like a hag! So there you have it, we have a hamster. It's name is Pam, created from an initial of each of the girls names.

Preesley is 1!