Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The long and short of it.

Okay so the highlights were these, Paige a ripstick, Marley an indoor trampoline and roller skates, Ally, a Pee baby, and roller skates, and Preesley, the most adorable little elephant you ever saw. The ripstick and roller skates kept these girls entertained just about every second of the day. At first I was wondering if the skates were a good idea, I mean the were falling (hard) and crying and crying. But they just woundn't quick trying, and now after about 6 days of practice in the house, they are doing really good. Paige is awesome on her ripstick too! I'm just not sure how much more of the noise I can take, I mean they haven't quite mastered the gliding on their skates, instead it is the the thunk..thunk...slam into my cabinets sound! They are only young once..right? Anyway, and the second highlight was their baby dolls and the beds that grandpa Binnie and their dad made. Linda and I made the bedding for them. So cute! Picture tour below...

What the...have you ever seen a cuter baby? Okay, maybe your own, but other than that?

Is it really over?

How our Tree looked on Christmas Eve.

How the baby looked on Christmas Eve.

How the girls looked in the aprons I made them.

How the girls looked making cookies for Santa.

How the girls looked waiting on the stairs before they got to see what Santa brought. (can you almost feel their excitement?)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Stocking Tradition

Here you go Trina, thanks for posting about how our homemade stockings got started. I didn't know that, it makes me love our stockings even more. Thanks Rosanne!

Hope everyone has a great Christmas!!! We love you all so very much! I will have to post pictures of what I made for the girls after Christmas, I hope they enjoy them. Love to all!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I had to post this picture of Preesley. While we were at the Brookbanks on Marley's birthday, we toured all of their lights outside. When we came to their Nativity, they told us that someone had stolen their baby Jesus. So we decided to put Preesley in it as a temporary replacement. Doesn't she look sweet? Don't worry she did fine overnight, we bundled her up good. Kidding.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Marley said..."The Best Day Ever!"

Today was Marley's 6th Birthday. It consisted of tons of fun! To start out with she opened presents in the morning, while we read her "fan mail." I did a spin off of the Disney show i Carly, and did an i Marley Birthday for her. I made these little computers that had emails on them from her fans, (grandparents, sisters, mom and dad) telling her why the loved her. Almost all of her "fans" said something about her being so sweet! And it is true, she is our sweety bug. Then she was off to school, where I later came to help out her class with centers and to bring a treat for her class. After centers, I took Marley to Sonic for lunch, corn dog, fries, and a grape slush! After that we headed home. She kinda patiently waited until 5:00 when her grandparents came for dinner and presents! She had a ball opening her presents, (what person doesn't?) Some highlights included, new clothes, money, a diary, lip gloss, and a pretend toaster. After presents we bundled up and head to the Brookbanks. They invited our family over to check out their Christmas lights, and Brother Brookbanks train. We all loved it, they have quite the train set up. The kids had a ball looking at the little village set up and watching the train. Not to mention how cute and cozy their entire home was decorated for the holidays. And the best part was that they planned without us knowing for a visit from Santa!! They were shocked, Marley was so happy, Ally was freaked out, and Paige was giggly and a little bashful. It was just the coolest thing! We really were touched by the fun evening they planned for us. Thank you Jim and Jo!!!
So needless to say Marley had one memorable 6th birthday, and we had a blast too! So check out the picture tour below! (Ally not pictured with Santa, he rates right up there with Chucky Cheese! Intimidated by both)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

No More Nose Cast!

Paige went to the Dr. today and she got her nose cast off! She was so excited, she just kept giggling and looking at herself in the mirror when we got in the car after her appointment. I forgot how cute her nose was! She couldn't keep a smile off her face! We had a snow day today too, not sure why, but we did. (not much snow) So the girls had fun playing in the snow and watching Christmas movies. Buck will be home tomorrow from a Texas Whitetail hunt, he has been gone since last Thursday night. It has been like a really long week without him! Mrs. Nice Wife has had it with hunting for awhile, a long while!!! I would have said that I have had it for the year, but that would only give me a few weeks, and if Buck reads this I wouldn't want to give him any ideas!!! The girls have gotten into a bad habit of sleeping in my bed at nights since he has been gone, that should be a fun one to break once he gets back home! I like their company, Paige especially, she is fun to talk to and watch tv with. She is basically like an adult, I mean she thinks like one, so it is fun. Paige is one great bud. Marley is just a cuddler and is so sweet. And Ally, well, she falls asleep fast, which is nice. But then you have to put with her crying or whinning in her sleep all night. She does it EVERY night! I don't know what her deal is. She does this thing where she argues or whines to someone in her sleep! Maybe it has something to do with being a middle child, (getting her frustrations out or something!) Then there is Preesley my little leech! She feels right at home proped up on my arm and snuggled in. I just try to enjoy it she won't be small enough to do that for long. By the way have you seen the cute thing lately? If not, look below! (Thanks Kodi for making her cute pj's)

Oh and look down here to see what happens while I am on the computer. Nice! I found Marley and Ally creating these little numbers one day. In case you can't tell, that would be an apple with toothpicks in it, then tootsie rolls shoved onto the toothpicks, along with cuties. I wanted to be mad, but I couldn't. I just said "I hope you are hungry, because you are eating every bit of that." Well, not the toothpicks, thats just cruel!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Missing in Action

Buck had to act like he was looking at a text message to snatch this picture of Paige, she DID NOT want her picture taken.

I am just posting to let everyone know I didn't fall off the face of the earth. Been so busy around here, Paige had her surgery, it went well, she is a trooper, they stuck her 3 times trying to get her IV, and still couldn't get it! She was tough up to that point, she cried a little, then got tough again. Everyone kept commenting on how calm and collected she was. That's my girl! You should have seen the look she gave me when the nurse asked if she was ready to get poked by a needle, (I hadn't warned her about that part of surgery...oops!) Anyway she was kinda ticked, but put her brave face on. So anyway they squeezed her nose bones back together, she has to wear this nose cast thing for a week, then another week just at nights. Paige just kept saying the funniest things the whole time, she cracks us up. I told her she was funny like me...of course. For example, Paige mentioned that she wanted a Popsicle, and the nurse quickly said "I have Popsicles!" Then Paige said "oh, I meant at home", but the nurse insisted on getting her one. And Paige was happy about that. So we said ask for something else and you will probably get it, and Buck said, ask for a Rip Stick (the only thing she wants for Christmas) then she says, "yeah this is Santa's workshop, its just disguised as a hospital. I know it probably doesn't sound funny now, but it was. Mostly it was her delivery. (Did I ever mention that this blog is mostly a journal for our little family? Cause at this point I am thinking everyone is bored, but oh well, writing this all down will make me laugh and remember this sweet day with my Paige) Oh and did I mention that she loved the red non-slip slipper socks they gave her, she was so excited she could keep them. She also came home with other goodies too, 2 teddy bears, 4 boxes of crayons, stickers, and her oxygen mask and tube! How is that for get your money's worth!!
Okay so back to "its been busy around here" my excuse for not posting. Also, I have been doing work stuff, trying to make 3 hand made gifts for my girls, one done, two to go, actually 4 to go because I thought of something else I wanted to sew. Then I have 2 other projects to complete before Christmas. So you might not want to check back on my blog till 2009, otherwise you may see the same thing over and over!! Take care!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Poor Paigey!

Today Paige fell off of some playground equipment and broke her nose. Doesn't she look cute, her grandpa told her she looked like a Koala bear. I just feel so sorry for her, this kid never gets sick, much less hurt, so this is kinda a sad thing for her. She doesn't want anyone to know she is crying about it so she says "I'm not crying, it just that my tear ducts are stretched out and the tears are just running out!" Isn't that the cutest thing. We love her and are glad she is okay. She has to go to the doctor tomorrow to make sure everything is okay.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Merry Maids!

Today I am thankful for a house full of girls. This morning I told the girls we had some chores to do. Bathrooms and Bedrooms were what I wanted done this morning. No one complained, they just hopped to it. Sinks, Mirrors, toilets, every surface was sparkling clean, and I didn't have to do any of it! They are good obedient little girls and I am thankful to them for all their help. Oh and did I mention they gathered all the trash up and took it out too! I've noticed something, if I can get Paige on board with a project, then the other two happily follow along. I hope she uses that power wisely. I am so blessed!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Are You My Mother?

If your name is Trent, Traci, Troy or Trachel, then Yes, This is your mother! Mom is at it again, this time it was for a Young Women in Excellence Program. Don't worry her head was covered most of the time! Gotta love her!

So I guess today I am thankful for a mom who taught me through EXAMPLE to laugh at myself and to not take things to seriously! I am so thankful for a mom who gives 100% to all of her callings, great or small, and who is never to proud to dress up in anything for just about anything!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I survived my Saturday, and have had a great Sunday. Thank you to all you sweet sweet girls who left me a comment. It helps to know that others feel the same way at times. I had a great nights sleep thanks to Linda for taking the baby, although it did feel like I was sleeping on boulders come morning. (you know the "undrained breast" how weird that I just shared that, but I know some of you can relate!) I was so happy to see Preesley this morning, and you better believe she was happy to see me. Linda said she only got up once to eat. Then after church today, Buck took the baby so I could get a Sunday nap! Once I awoke from my slumber I went downstairs to find a husband who was doing the dishes and starting dinner. Honestly, he is wonderful. So we cooked dinner together, chicken tacos, a family favorite, then made 2 batches of cookies, chocolate chip, and oatmeal. What a difference a day makes. Today I am so very thankful for the happy life I live, healthy kids, a roof over my head, food to eat, and the peacefull circumstances in which we live in this country. *Side note to Kodi, please let me know how the pig pen sleepover goes, it doesn't get much more creative than that, Super Nanny, would be proud!*

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Today I am thankful for help. I was feeling really overwhelmed today, laundry that needs to be folded and put away, vaccuuming, preparing clothes for Sunday, cleaning up from Ally's party (at this very moment there are still 4's and elephants hanging from my ceiling), grocery shopping for Buck's hunt, (actually he doesn't have a tag, but 4 of his buddies do, and he is going along to help) making green chili burritos for his hunt, oh and did I mention having to stop and breastfeed, and did I mention picking up clothes, Marley has gone from her Saturday play clothes, to a princess outfit for a birthday party, back to play clothes, then because it was 54 degrees outside she decided it was nice day to put on a swim suit and go lay out in the sun! So that of course meant that Ally had to also! All this time feeling overwhelmed because Buck is leaving at 6:00am tomorrow morning, which means I have to teach our primary class alone, get the girls ready alone,etc. Anyway it was just all getting to me (is someone playing the worlds smallest violin for me?) Well Buck could see my frustration and so could Linda. Soooooo, Linda offered to take the baby for me tonight so I could get a good nights sleep before Buck left, and Buck being the little peach that he is, told me that he could leave on Monday morning instead of Sunday morning because one of his buddies isn't going till then. And that he will help me do anything I need before he goes. WHEW! did you get all that? Anyway, as soon as he said that I instantly felt better and just wanted to cry truthfully. So the list of things for me to do hasn't change, but my attitude has knowing that I have HELP.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Ally is FOUR!

Today I am thankful for Ally! She is a big, bad, 4 year old today. I alternate years that my kids can have a "friend party" and a "family party" and this year is the year of the Family. Which is kinda hard for Ally since she has been able to go to so many of her friends parties this year. So I decided to make her Family party extra special. So this morning I told Paige and Marley they could ditch school to spend the day with Ally. They were all "seriously?" It has been fun, and has made Ally's day! They also have a Sisters Sleepover planned, which consists of games and staying up as late as they want!!! I don't know where Ally came up with the idea of an Elephant cake, but that is what she wanted. In fact my mom asked me today "is Ally into elephants?" No, but she is today. So I did my best to make her an elephant cake. Not to shabby if you ask me!! And I did it all by myself!! So now enjoy a picture tour of her day so far. There are more fun things to come including going to see Madagascar 2, presents, cake, and grandparents coming over! I think after this day, she just might look forward to "family" birthdays every year! That is if Paige and Marley can get used to these phrases "I'm the Birthday girl" "It's MYYYYYY Birthday" One thing is for sure we know exactly who's birthday it is!

Ally's Breakfast-MONSTER PANCAKES-with loads of sprinkles provided by Paige.

Ally's Elephant Decorations

The DITCHERS and Ally's new Scooter

Preesley loved starring up at the elephants and 4's!

Elephant Cake

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I've gone Gourmet

Today I am thankful for thankful kids! Tonight I just threw dinner together early because I had mutual. It consisted of macaroni and cheese spirals, fried ham, and green beans. That's it! So simple, boil water, open a can, slap a few ham steaks in a skillet, and WA-LAH! Anyway, my kids devoured it and Paige kept saying "mom this is so good, thank you" Then I would spoon on some more mac and cheese and she would say "thanks mom this is so good". And wouldn't you know it, it is her requested meal to take to school tomorrow!

Monday, November 3, 2008


In college I watched an Oprah Winfrey on writing in a thank you journal. Everyday you were supposed to right at least one thing you were thankful for. I did this. And it helped we through a pretty crappy time I was having (don't worry I'm fine now!) Anyway I thought I would start that up again, since we are in the month of November and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I decided that each day I would post at lease one thing I am thankful for.

Today I am thankful for eternal perspective. Without it I don't know what people think about this world we live in or how they survive. I am so thankful to know that Heavenly Father loves us and is continually mindful of us. And that ultimately our faith in him, and obedience to him is all that matters. Easier said than done though, especially when we deal with "the now" which is the economy, our potential President, etc. But it is my knowledge and faith in the eternities that keeps a smile on my face and hope in my heart, and for that I am THANKFUL!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Under the Big Tent.

Pacco-The Clown (anytime Paige dresses up in anything we call her Pacco)

Super Girl-Marley

Cougar Cheerleader-Ally

I didn't snap a photo of Preesley yet, I was rushing out the door to get the kids to school and didn't have time to get hers taken, now she is asleep and my camera battery it dying, so Miss Preesley will be posted later. Have a great Halloween!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

I must admit, I don't LOVE carving pumpkins, but we got it done last night. The kids love it, and Buck gets into it to. He did a really good carving on his mom's pumpkin. Always the perfectionist! We let the girls do whatever they wanted on theirs, Paige's has poka dots, Marley's a face, Ally's...a face, the letter "B", and some other type of hole in it. My favorite part of the night was driving by this Halloween House. It had all sorts of decorations and lights. Picture a house decorated for Christmas, only picture it done in Halloween garb. I am going to take them there to get their pictures taken on Halloween. It is not to far from our house. Super Cute. I always want to thank people for decorating their houses for Christmas, Halloween, etc. It just makes the holiday so much more fun. Maybe I will do that today, actually tomorrow. For mutual tomorrow we are doing service Trick or Treating in the neighborhood. So we will have to take them a plate of cookies or something. Gotta Run.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This ones for you Traci!

Traci I have another one for you! Mom brought me this one with the others, but I couldn't get it to post earlier. Then when you said in your comment that you couldn't find any pictures of you (tug at my heart will ya), I immediately stopped what I was doing to try and post this one of you as a witch.

I have one question for Mom. What size is the tiger/cat costume? We have seen it on infants to adolescents! That is one magic "one size fits all!"

More old School Halloween.

Mom broght me some more pictures she found of us kids at Halloween. I would be the little tike freaking out over the wig! Traci the skeleton, Troy the cat, and Trent is the werewolf.

Then we have Traci the nurse, Troy Chewbaca, and me the ghost!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Preesley is 1!