Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I had to post this picture of Preesley. While we were at the Brookbanks on Marley's birthday, we toured all of their lights outside. When we came to their Nativity, they told us that someone had stolen their baby Jesus. So we decided to put Preesley in it as a temporary replacement. Doesn't she look sweet? Don't worry she did fine overnight, we bundled her up good. Kidding.


Andrea said...

Haha... how cute.
Ya me and my friends stole baby Jesus' when I was in High School, but we would leave ransom notes and return them after a few days! I can't claim that one though, that was a good 7-8 years ago OK?!!

Kellogg Krew said...


Traci said...

I want to squeeze her! (In a good way!)

Allred's said...

That's so funny and cute. She really does look super warm and is the perfect replacement.

Preesley is 1!