Friday, February 27, 2009

A good visit...

Buck and I took the kids out of school and headed to Animas to visit my grandpa and grandma. And I was so glad I did, I love them so much. It was so good to see them and be in there home. Each time I walk through their front door and see them in their chairs or on the couch, I instantly feel at home. We had a good time visiting with my cousins, (Stacie, Clint, Trina) and their families. As well as Rosanne, David, Clinton and Martha, and Uncle Jeff. Here are a few pictures....

Paige playing with bubbles need for blowing with that Animas wind!

Cute little Paige.

Grandpa teasing Ally, she was complaining that she wanted the red bubbles, not the yellow ones, so grandpa said he would play with the yellow ones. I love this picture.

Visiting when we first got there.

Preesley went to Grandma instantly, and she just sat there and laid on her lap. It was the cutest thing. Grandma kept saying how sweet she was. I hope I never forget how cute they looked together.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The newness has not worn off...

It has been exactly 7 months now since Miss Preesley Jade came into our lives and the girls are still as excited about her as the day we brought her home. (I know that was a run-on sentence) They are constantly, and I do mean constantly, asking me "can I hold Preesley when".....your done feeding her, when your done changing her diaper, when she wakes and is happy, when we get home from church, when we get to church, when she gets out of the tub, when she is in the tub..on and on and on!

The funniest was when we were pulling out of the driveway on our way to Gilbert. I mean we hadn't made it 5ft, and Ally says "can I hold Preesley when we get to Rob and Melissa's house?" It is out of control!! I guess I just didn't expect them to be so in to her still. It just proves to me that girls have a natural instinct to "mother". Preesley just lights up when she sees them. I mean she's got it made, she has 5 people who love her, make her laugh, give her kisses and think she is the cutest thing ever! The "baby" of the family has it made. (I should know, I'm one myself)

Can you blame them? Look at her!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

This little girl wants to say....

THANK YOU Angela!!! The bundles you left will keep me cute and warm for a long time! I love you! -Preesley Jade-

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Buck's done it again...

(Do you like how I strategically place the Book of Mormon in this picture?) Righteous I know!

All of Buck's favorite girls received flowers this Valentines Day. (except for the littlest one, she doesn't appreciate them quite yet) Their was a knock at the door this morning, and when it was answered the man said, "is there a Marley Binnie here, a Paige Binnie here, and an Ally Binnie here?" Then I see them come around the corner into the kitchen with bright, happy little faces and their roses. The little notes Buck put on them were just too, cute and so personalized to each one of them. Then my "Valentine" brings me mine. They are just perfect for me, he shopped for the container to put them in, took it to the flourist and explained to her exactly what he wanted. He knows me soooo good, because I love love love them!! I don't want them to die!!! Anyway, he is so sweet and thoughtful, on Valentines Day and every day! He is really setting the bar for some young men out there someday, the ones who get past the shot-gun! Kidding. Anyway, Thanks Bucky, I love you!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Run Down...

1. Cute baby, always a constant at our house.
2. Parent teacher conference, Marley said "mom,you will only see one thing wrong with my report card and it is 'my' (meaning that she missed the word 'my' when testing on her site words. And she was right! But I bet she won't miss it again! We love that Marley, she has been the easiest kid her entire life.
3. Trying to drum up work...anyone need something built? Birdhouses to hospitals we can do it. Oh, and need I say, licensed, bonded and insured???
4. Ready for spring anyone? Seems like maybe if it was warmer we would be outside more and listening to the news less!
5. Working on my food storage... one can of beans at a time! Since I have been couponing I have been able to stock up on alot of stuff...most of it has been free or nearly free! Who knew??? Coupons, really? I always thought that coupons were a scam to try and get you to buy stuff you didn't need!!! I really should have been more informed!
6. "Come what may and love it" Elder Joseph B. Worthlin

Preesley is 1!