Friday, February 27, 2009

A good visit...

Buck and I took the kids out of school and headed to Animas to visit my grandpa and grandma. And I was so glad I did, I love them so much. It was so good to see them and be in there home. Each time I walk through their front door and see them in their chairs or on the couch, I instantly feel at home. We had a good time visiting with my cousins, (Stacie, Clint, Trina) and their families. As well as Rosanne, David, Clinton and Martha, and Uncle Jeff. Here are a few pictures....

Paige playing with bubbles need for blowing with that Animas wind!

Cute little Paige.

Grandpa teasing Ally, she was complaining that she wanted the red bubbles, not the yellow ones, so grandpa said he would play with the yellow ones. I love this picture.

Visiting when we first got there.

Preesley went to Grandma instantly, and she just sat there and laid on her lap. It was the cutest thing. Grandma kept saying how sweet she was. I hope I never forget how cute they looked together.

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