Saturday, February 14, 2009

Buck's done it again...

(Do you like how I strategically place the Book of Mormon in this picture?) Righteous I know!

All of Buck's favorite girls received flowers this Valentines Day. (except for the littlest one, she doesn't appreciate them quite yet) Their was a knock at the door this morning, and when it was answered the man said, "is there a Marley Binnie here, a Paige Binnie here, and an Ally Binnie here?" Then I see them come around the corner into the kitchen with bright, happy little faces and their roses. The little notes Buck put on them were just too, cute and so personalized to each one of them. Then my "Valentine" brings me mine. They are just perfect for me, he shopped for the container to put them in, took it to the flourist and explained to her exactly what he wanted. He knows me soooo good, because I love love love them!! I don't want them to die!!! Anyway, he is so sweet and thoughtful, on Valentines Day and every day! He is really setting the bar for some young men out there someday, the ones who get past the shot-gun! Kidding. Anyway, Thanks Bucky, I love you!!

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Angela said...

SERIOUSLY Buck.....what the L! You are way too thoughtful:) Where do you come up with these nice little gestures? Good work, your girls will never settle thats for sure:)
Cute Cute picture btw!

Preesley is 1!