Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Morning

Ally and Marley have been wanting a pretend iron and ironing board for a few years not, but I just kinda blew them off. Then they mentioned it again this year, so started looking. They range in price from $15-to over $100! Dumb, I thought for some plastic or wood! Well then I got on my friend ebay! I found this childs vintage iron and ironing board. Once I saw it I fell in love, then I really fell in love when it said that the iron heated up to luke warm!! IT HAD TO BE MINE, i thought to myself! So I bid on it, and watched and waited, I won't tell you what I put as my max bid, but I didn't even come close to it, (thank goodness) Only $17! Anyway it was hit!! So cute!
Paige was really excited about this one from Santa!
Preesley finishing up Santa's Cookies.
Waiting to go downstairs.
Preesley on Christmas Eve.

Christmas 2009

I started a tradition last year of giving my kids something homemade for Christmas. Last year I sewed them aprons. This year I made them puzzles of themselves. Each puzzle has 6 different pictures of them. They got to open these Christmas Eve.

I think this may have been one of my favorite Christmas'. The kids were so good, and so grateful, they literally thanked us all day long. I think it was the last thing Paige said to me before she went to sleep on Christmas night too! It was full of surprises and things they didn't expect. I even got surprised too! Mr. Wonderful as I like to refer to him, had a kitchen table and chairs made for me!! I had no idea, and I am the accountant around here, and he did it without me knowing! (good thing too, because if I would have know I would have said no way!) Pretty sneekie, I love it. I told him it was pretty risky to pick something like that out for me, I am real particular when it comes to buying furniture. I really think things out, but he had heard me talk about it so much, he really knew exactly what I wanted. Oh, what did Buck get? HMMM, lots of hunting!!! He actually left Christmas night to go back out on his hunt. I did not want him to leave, but since it was his only Christmas present, I let him leave. I mean who am I to ruin Christmas for Mr. Wonderful? He is still out hunting.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Quick Pics December Re-cap!

Marley opening a Birthday present early. Art kit! She was so excited.
Ally after her Christmas Performance.
Ally singing at her Christmas Performance.
Preesley looking so cute in Marley's winter hat.

Ally reading books to Preesley, I could hear her doing it so I snuck a picture. So cute.

Marley is SeVeN!

I swore I wouldn't have a kid in December since my Birthday is in December and I really did not like it growing up, but what do you know but my little Marley was born December 11, 2002. I was just grateful she came a week early! Anyway, she had a fun day with her friends. They decoated cupcakes, made christmas ornaments, and played games. Girls really are a lot of fun. She has a really great group of friends, she loves them all! Marley got spoiled with lots of fun gifts, crafts, jewelry, polly pockets, a candy bouquet, and clothes!
Marley is one great little girl, very obedient, sweet to her sisters, very helpful, a talented artist (i should post some of the things she has done, maybe next year!) and just so full of life! There is always fun to be had when Marley is around! We love you!

Preesley is 1!