Monday, September 28, 2009

Why you should check on your kids when it is quiet.

Paige and Marley move Pam(the hampster) into the bathroom at night beacuse she keeps them up spinning on her wheel. No problem, great idea. Until they forget to put her back on their dresser. Then this is what happens. Great start to a Monday I say!

This picture was taken after we found the Pam under Ally's bed!

Friday, September 25, 2009

How could she resist?

Marley got ANOTHER tooth pulled yesterday. At this rate we won't be needing a dentist for her anymore! The dentist was trying to talk in secret code with me about having to pull it, because he didn't want Marley to worry or freak out. So after the code talking was done, I break it to Marley. "Hey Marley, your tooth needs to be pulled" Do want to just do it today and get it over with?" Without hesitation she says "Yeah!" Then I look down at her and she is rubbing her thumbs back and forth across her other fingers. "money, money, money" she is thinking in her head. It was so funny. So later that night, she composed this little note for the Tooth Fairy. Sometimes in life we get what we want, and she did.

**I think that next to heart she was going to put her name, but got side tracked and wrote five dollars again instead.**

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Going on a cat hunt...

Our niece Madison turned 5 on Saturday. We have been trying to let her parents have a kitten for about a year now. She LOVES them. But since Rob isn't that into pet/animals in general it just hadn't happened. So when I was trying to come up with a fun b-day gift for Madi, I thought, rollerskates?? Barbie??? PollyPocket???, but none of those sounded like what I wanted to give her. Then Buck spotted a fake stuffed kitten in Wal-mart. And instantly our wheels started turning!! So our mind was made up we were gonna find Madison a kitten. And we knew her parents really wouldn't have a choice because after all it would be gift! So early Saturday we started out on your hunt....


We started with Kmart parking lot, nothing, then Safeway, nothing, then continued up the mountain. We went everywhere we could think of, we even asked perfect strangers if they "happened" to have any spare kittens laying around! Everyone just told us to check the Humane Society. Which we finally did. Now if you know me, then you know that I have never lived animals, and the fact that we have a dog and cat is pretty amazing. However, overtime I have grown soft, okay maybe just softer to animals. *We are a stictly outside pet family* Anyway we make our way through the smelly dog kennels and past the even worse smelling puppy kennels and finally make it into the kitten room. (did not smell at all, I don't know how, but it didn't) Anyway my girls were instantly oooing and aahing over the little kittens. One may or may not have caught my eye as well. Paige instantly fell in love with this adorable, oh wait I mean kinda cute looking Calico cat. Then the begging to adopt it started, "Mom, I will use my own money, "I love this cat" "I want this cat, can I please adopt this cat?" Which I wasn't about to let her do, even though quite honestly I wanted it to!! Anyway, we get they guy to come and let us hold the kittens, as he is opening up the cages he says, you know the kittens are 2 for 1! Paige's eyes lit up, now her Calico was half price! As soon as he said that I knew we were going home with a kitten for Madison and one for us! So we filled out all the paperwork, and off we went. I have never been more excited and more nervous to give a birthday gift in all my life. I mean I knew Madison would love it, but I also knew that I would have to talk her parents into letting her keep it!!
I am mad I don't have any pictures of how it all went down, but Buck brings the kitten in a wrapped box in the midst of Madison opening all her presents. She can't beleive it, Rob and Melissa give me looks of "are you serious, and Melissa says "Is this a joke?" It all happened so fast!! They were good sports about it, and Madison called Buck yesterday to let him know how much she loves her kitten, and tell him they were going to the pet store to get some more "stuff" for it. Anyway, it was fun. Rob says to me "Paybacks are a *****! We won't be inviting them to any upcoming birthday parties!
Other pictures from Labor Day Weekend. We took the kids on a little train ride. This guy has made this train all through his property, it is really cool. The kids had fun. If you want to go, it is right before you get to the stop light by Taco Bell in Show Low. Their are signs out, it is on Saturday-Sunday. It's free he takes Donations only to cover his expenses. (thanks for letting us know about Angela)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Loving this day because...

It's me and the Bucksters 11th Anniversary
Canned 20lbs of chicken, bagged and froze another 20lbs
Haven't done anyones hair yet, and it is 2:06pm
I asked my girls to clean their rooms and to my surprise I only had to ask once.
I went upstairs and these two little sights made me happy

Paige has joined the band, so today she is teaching Marley and Ally how to play instruments, complete with handwritten sheet music.
The weather is beautiful!

Preesley is 1!