Friday, September 25, 2009

How could she resist?

Marley got ANOTHER tooth pulled yesterday. At this rate we won't be needing a dentist for her anymore! The dentist was trying to talk in secret code with me about having to pull it, because he didn't want Marley to worry or freak out. So after the code talking was done, I break it to Marley. "Hey Marley, your tooth needs to be pulled" Do want to just do it today and get it over with?" Without hesitation she says "Yeah!" Then I look down at her and she is rubbing her thumbs back and forth across her other fingers. "money, money, money" she is thinking in her head. It was so funny. So later that night, she composed this little note for the Tooth Fairy. Sometimes in life we get what we want, and she did.

**I think that next to heart she was going to put her name, but got side tracked and wrote five dollars again instead.**


kalyn (missy) said...

marleys so funny well i got a blog if you want to check it out its

Mary Ann said...

That is the funniest thing in the world! How cute! :)

Preesley is 1!