Friday, September 4, 2009

Loving this day because...

It's me and the Bucksters 11th Anniversary
Canned 20lbs of chicken, bagged and froze another 20lbs
Haven't done anyones hair yet, and it is 2:06pm
I asked my girls to clean their rooms and to my surprise I only had to ask once.
I went upstairs and these two little sights made me happy

Paige has joined the band, so today she is teaching Marley and Ally how to play instruments, complete with handwritten sheet music.
The weather is beautiful!


Angela said...

Happy Happy Anniversary! You two LOVE birds have fun :)

Lynna said...

Don't you love it when it all comes together and you don't have to scream to get things done!!
Have a great day!!

Mary Ann said...

11 years?? oh my heck.. time goes by so fast! you make me happy.. i love reading your blog.. i love that you and i both have lots of girls. they are so fun. i love your girls room by the way. i miss you!

Preesley is 1!