Friday, October 31, 2008

Under the Big Tent.

Pacco-The Clown (anytime Paige dresses up in anything we call her Pacco)

Super Girl-Marley

Cougar Cheerleader-Ally

I didn't snap a photo of Preesley yet, I was rushing out the door to get the kids to school and didn't have time to get hers taken, now she is asleep and my camera battery it dying, so Miss Preesley will be posted later. Have a great Halloween!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

I must admit, I don't LOVE carving pumpkins, but we got it done last night. The kids love it, and Buck gets into it to. He did a really good carving on his mom's pumpkin. Always the perfectionist! We let the girls do whatever they wanted on theirs, Paige's has poka dots, Marley's a face, Ally's...a face, the letter "B", and some other type of hole in it. My favorite part of the night was driving by this Halloween House. It had all sorts of decorations and lights. Picture a house decorated for Christmas, only picture it done in Halloween garb. I am going to take them there to get their pictures taken on Halloween. It is not to far from our house. Super Cute. I always want to thank people for decorating their houses for Christmas, Halloween, etc. It just makes the holiday so much more fun. Maybe I will do that today, actually tomorrow. For mutual tomorrow we are doing service Trick or Treating in the neighborhood. So we will have to take them a plate of cookies or something. Gotta Run.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This ones for you Traci!

Traci I have another one for you! Mom brought me this one with the others, but I couldn't get it to post earlier. Then when you said in your comment that you couldn't find any pictures of you (tug at my heart will ya), I immediately stopped what I was doing to try and post this one of you as a witch.

I have one question for Mom. What size is the tiger/cat costume? We have seen it on infants to adolescents! That is one magic "one size fits all!"

More old School Halloween.

Mom broght me some more pictures she found of us kids at Halloween. I would be the little tike freaking out over the wig! Traci the skeleton, Troy the cat, and Trent is the werewolf.

Then we have Traci the nurse, Troy Chewbaca, and me the ghost!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just a few More!

More Family Pics (not that I think you all care, but these kids do have granparents that might!)

Family Pictures

Ever wonder why we think that we can get 6 people (one of which is 3 months old and doesn't have clue she needs to focus!!)to smile at the same time, keeping eyes open, skirts down, and still love each other afterwards? It's a mystery to me. How is it possible to take hundreds of pictures and honestly maybe find one precious gem? All I can say is it is done! So if you want to check out some Binnie family pics that aren't sitting in the recycle bin of my computer look below.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Are You Ready for This?

Here you go Mom, I found the picture I was talking about. I totally remember this day, I remember standing on those chairs to take the picture, I remember the balloons stuck all over the primary room. Oh and the costume, I remember this costume, we really out did ourselves on this one. The belt really pulls the whole clown look together! And you were right, Troy is a hunter! On the back of the picture if says "Primary Halloween 10-84" So that would have made me 7 years old. Thanks for the fun memory Mom. Love ya.

I also found this one taken Halloween 1980. That makes me 3 years old in this one.

Then I found this little number taken on Halloween when I was in the 4th grade. I was a cave woman. Mom had these costumes left over from girls camp one year. SoI believe we used hot chocolate mix to make my face, feet, legs and arms look dirty. I remember wanting to wash my face off so bad because it was so sticky!! Fun. I really love that I posed by the trash can. And come to think of it, I remember thinking it was weird to pose there when I took the picture. I was right!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

If you have a NEED a BUMBO!!!!

Okay I love, love, love this thing! Preesley will sit in this thing all the time. She just sits and spits and spits and smiles. It is my favorite piece of baby gear, They go in this order #1 diapers, #2 BUMBO! She feels so grown up in it, she can watch tv, watch me do everyone's hair, watch me work on the computer. But most of all she likes to sit and spit!! The cutest is when I catch her sleeping in it. I"ll post one of those soon.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I"m no Celebrity but......

Paige thinks so!! Last night Paige said "mom tomorrow is celebrity day and I need to dress up" so I said "okay, who do you want to be?" and she says "you" and I said "I'm not a celebrity", and she said "well you are to me!" How is that for melt your heart feel good? So sweet. So today we straightened her hair and she wore my clothes, not the pants, I WISH!!!! So today I will be running around with Hannah Montana, Lindsay Lohan, The Cheetah girls, and I'm sure there will be someone from the Jonas Brothers!!! Thanks Paige, you made your ole mom feel good!

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Student has become the Teacher....Fun with Wigs....."Mom I do not know what happened to my pants"

Today was cool. First thing this morning Marley comes down in a pair of pants that had to have been tucked in the back of her closet and says "mom, I do not know what happened to my pants!"

Just as serious as can be and she is laughing, and then I start to laugh and say "I know what happened, you GREW!!!" It was so cute, she loves tight things, shirts, pants whatever she likes them tight!! So she left them on all day. Oh and I have to point out her favorite shirt too, its the little blue number she has on, absolutely loves it, wheres it anytime I will let her, she says mom are we going anywhere today, and if not she asks me if she can wear her "blue shirt." It drives me crazy, but I may be sad when she finally totally outgrows it.
Moving on, the next thing I loved about today was that Paige wanted to make cookies. She has a recipe box that she got from ACHEIVEMENT DAYS, and she has a snickerdoodle recipe that she wanted to try out on her own. So I let her, and of course Ally wanted in on the action. It was so cool to listen to Paige talk to Ally, she would say "okay Ally I'll let you put in the sugar, or Ally you can put in the next thing. Just like how Buck talks to them when he bakes with them. I loved it, The Student has become the Teacher!

Okay the last on my list to post today is the cutest! We found our Halloween stuff today and couldn't resist trying the Dorothy wig on Preesley. She was a sport, even though she hasn't been feeling to hot. She has her first cold :( We love this little thing!

Okay I had to post this one, something about her eyes being closed just kills me!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Getting the Conference WIGGLES out!

We did it, we watched conference, notice I said "watched" not to much hearing going on! But honestly we tried and the kids tried too, but, well, anyone with kids knows how it goes!! I printed off the little conference packet for my kids, which is a great thought, but then they keep asking you how to do each page, therefore, they can be distracting. Good thing we can read the Ensign in a few months. After the morning session on Sunday, the kids (and Buck) went nuts. Wrestling, screaming etc. sometimes it actually feels like a house full of little boys. I'm just glad Buck likes to rough house with them, I just sit and stare at them and wait for it to be over, I don't get into all that stuff.(party pooper) I just wait around until someone gets hurt and I have to smooth things over. It starts out fun and happy, but never ends that way!! SEE THE STUFFED BEAR IN THE BACKGROUND OF THE PICTURE, YEAH, THAT LITTLE GUY CAUSED ALL SORTS OF PROBLEMS, LOOKS INNOCENT I KNOW, DON'T BE FOOLED!! (" I want to lay on it" "you are taking up my space on the bear" "you have more bear than I do" "Mom,_____ isn't sharing the bear" Ask me where the bear is today!!

The baby was good.

Preesley is 1!