Friday, October 10, 2008

The Student has become the Teacher....Fun with Wigs....."Mom I do not know what happened to my pants"

Today was cool. First thing this morning Marley comes down in a pair of pants that had to have been tucked in the back of her closet and says "mom, I do not know what happened to my pants!"

Just as serious as can be and she is laughing, and then I start to laugh and say "I know what happened, you GREW!!!" It was so cute, she loves tight things, shirts, pants whatever she likes them tight!! So she left them on all day. Oh and I have to point out her favorite shirt too, its the little blue number she has on, absolutely loves it, wheres it anytime I will let her, she says mom are we going anywhere today, and if not she asks me if she can wear her "blue shirt." It drives me crazy, but I may be sad when she finally totally outgrows it.
Moving on, the next thing I loved about today was that Paige wanted to make cookies. She has a recipe box that she got from ACHEIVEMENT DAYS, and she has a snickerdoodle recipe that she wanted to try out on her own. So I let her, and of course Ally wanted in on the action. It was so cool to listen to Paige talk to Ally, she would say "okay Ally I'll let you put in the sugar, or Ally you can put in the next thing. Just like how Buck talks to them when he bakes with them. I loved it, The Student has become the Teacher!

Okay the last on my list to post today is the cutest! We found our Halloween stuff today and couldn't resist trying the Dorothy wig on Preesley. She was a sport, even though she hasn't been feeling to hot. She has her first cold :( We love this little thing!

Okay I had to post this one, something about her eyes being closed just kills me!


Kellogg Krew said...

She looks like one of those porcelain baby dolls! CUTE!

Connie said...

I thought it was a doll at first! She is very cute. I am impressed that Paige knows how to bake! Today Cindy was going to make her own instant oatmeal and couldn't figure out how to get 2/3 cup. I told her to get the 1/3 cup and then she was like, now what? I said well, how many 1/3 cups are in 1 cup? She said 6. I wouldn't tell till she guessed right. Ok, so I've failed in the baking department with my kids. We are a long ways from snickerdoodles! PS That cowgirl pic of Paige sent me back to the day. I will be mailing you a picture soon of exactly what that reminded me of!!

Traci said...

Oh my gosh! I thought she was a doll! Well, i guess she is actually. But soo cute! And Marley...she makes me laugh. Tell her Kalyn is attached to a pair of her pants too. Except they had so many holes they were falling apart, so I had to hide them so she can't wear them anymore!Ally and Paige...I haven't had snickerdoodles in a long time. I bet they turned out yummy! Tell them to bake some for Thanksgiving to share!

Amy Allred said...

Oh my gosh, she looks just like a little doll. At first, I didn't read the post, I just scrolled down and looked at the pics and I seriously thought she was a baby doll. Your daughters are all so gorgeous with beautiful features.

Preesley is 1!