Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Getting the Conference WIGGLES out!

We did it, we watched conference, notice I said "watched" not to much hearing going on! But honestly we tried and the kids tried too, but, well, anyone with kids knows how it goes!! I printed off the little conference packet for my kids, which is a great thought, but then they keep asking you how to do each page, therefore, they can be distracting. Good thing we can read the Ensign in a few months. After the morning session on Sunday, the kids (and Buck) went nuts. Wrestling, screaming etc. sometimes it actually feels like a house full of little boys. I'm just glad Buck likes to rough house with them, I just sit and stare at them and wait for it to be over, I don't get into all that stuff.(party pooper) I just wait around until someone gets hurt and I have to smooth things over. It starts out fun and happy, but never ends that way!! SEE THE STUFFED BEAR IN THE BACKGROUND OF THE PICTURE, YEAH, THAT LITTLE GUY CAUSED ALL SORTS OF PROBLEMS, LOOKS INNOCENT I KNOW, DON'T BE FOOLED!! (" I want to lay on it" "you are taking up my space on the bear" "you have more bear than I do" "Mom,_____ isn't sharing the bear" Ask me where the bear is today!!

The baby was good.


Kellogg Krew said...

I should send you the video of my kids watching conference last year. I am ashamed to think about how awful they were. (And they are bigger than yours!!) This year was a little better but only because we went over to my in-laws to watch, so they were on their best behavior!! I think it gets better sooner or later!! Hang in there.!!

Amy Allred said...

Thank goodness for good babies. Conference was hard for my girls too. On Sat, we had them jump on the tramp during all the singing, they appreciated that. Sunday we went on a drive with coloring books, that worked a little better.

Connie said...

Preesley is so cute- she seems to change in every picture!

Abby said...

Oh I just want to kiss that baby of yours! She is so dang cute!!

You have such a beautiful home Trachel!

Preesley is 1!