Sunday, October 19, 2008

Family Pictures

Ever wonder why we think that we can get 6 people (one of which is 3 months old and doesn't have clue she needs to focus!!)to smile at the same time, keeping eyes open, skirts down, and still love each other afterwards? It's a mystery to me. How is it possible to take hundreds of pictures and honestly maybe find one precious gem? All I can say is it is done! So if you want to check out some Binnie family pics that aren't sitting in the recycle bin of my computer look below.


Adam, Crystal & Alaya Smith said...

Ahh I love the colors of your clothes. It is so cute!!! Yeah I dread getting family pictures done and I only have one kid haha!!! YOu have beautiful girls!!

Fullerton Family said...

You have a beautiful family with adorable girls!!! I love the color you picked, it's perfect!!

Abby said...

Trachel! I absolutely LOVE your family pictures! You and your sweet girls are so beautiful!! I also love all the halloween past funny!!

Preesley is 1!