Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This ones for you Traci!

Traci I have another one for you! Mom brought me this one with the others, but I couldn't get it to post earlier. Then when you said in your comment that you couldn't find any pictures of you (tug at my heart will ya), I immediately stopped what I was doing to try and post this one of you as a witch.

I have one question for Mom. What size is the tiger/cat costume? We have seen it on infants to adolescents! That is one magic "one size fits all!"


Kodi Mortensen said...

Looks like she got hot chocolate on her face for some type of highlighting as you did in the cave man era??

Traci said...

WOO HOO! It's amazing how a picture can bring back memories! Thanks Trachel! I guess I need to update my photo album I have here with Mom's that she has. I have one photo album for all my first 18 years of life. I guess hot chocolate was the makeup of choice at halloween, no matter what we were. And you're so right about the tiger costume....WAY UNIVERSAL! Thanks again Tra! You made my day!

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