Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More old School Halloween.

Mom broght me some more pictures she found of us kids at Halloween. I would be the little tike freaking out over the wig! Traci the skeleton, Troy the cat, and Trent is the werewolf.

Then we have Traci the nurse, Troy Chewbaca, and me the ghost!


Kodi Mortensen said...

Looks like Traci is a nurse from some Thriller Killer movie, watch out!! Looks like she has the look she might have when her kids are "testing" her. Problem is once I show this to Payce he will want to be Chabaca or whoever his name is.

Traci said...

I'll have you know....i have looked high and low to find a picture of me at Halloween and never found one until NOW! I'm so excited! I thought maybe our family was Jehovah Witness during my earlier years. Kodi's right about the "nurse" look I have on my face. My kids know it all to well, especially this week with Mark out of town! Ha! Thanks for posting these pics! I am loved!

Kellogg Krew said...

Isn't this so fun? I didn't know that Troy was a star wars freak! I would like to note that your mom must have thought it was funny that you were freakin out about the wig, cuz she made you sit right next to Trent!! Oh the ways we torture our kids!!

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