Saturday, October 4, 2008

Marley Bakes, Paige and Ally CHEER

Who would have thought that journal keeping could be so much fun!! That is what I consider keeping up my blog to be! Way more fun than putting a pen to paper!! Anyway, we had a fun week. Paige and Marley were in "Little Line" this week. They practiced each day in preparation for the Friday night game half time show! They both did it last year as well. Marley wanted nothing to do with it, she said it was to embarrassing. But if you know Marley at all it will shock you that she didn't want to cheer!! Anyway, we didn't make her. Instead this week she had been wanting to bake with me. So while Paige and Ally were getting ready for the football game, Marley and I were in the kitchen making banana bread. She, of course, wanted to do everything herself. So I let her, except for a few messy exceptions. As you can see from the pictures she is very proud of herself. Something cute Marley always says when she wants to bake is, "mom, I want to make my own "dish" I just think its cute she calls it a "dish" like she is a chef or something. Paige and Ally had a great time cheering, Paige really got the moves down this year and did great. Ally really smiled great, and looked around at the other kids awesomely!! (she had fun though)


Raine said...

Hey Trachel- Don't know how I found you but I did! I love your saying at the top of your blog to quit blog hopping and go mop your floors! Heaven knows I need to this morning!!! But anyways I am so excited to keep in touch through blogging. Since we both know I am not a very good friend.haha Your girls are all so cute. I can't believe how big Preesley is getting already.

Traci said...

HEy sis! Love the halloween picture you have at the top of the blog with mom and the girls! So dang cute. Looks like you have a baker in the go Marley!! And 2 cheerleaders? Nothing wrong with that!! ha ha! How fun! Tell Marley I want one of her banana muffins some day.

Connie said...

Your girls hair is always so cute! I wish I was better at that!

Preesley is 1!