Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just the other day...

Just the other day, these girls were as little as my Preesley. And now look a them. Each one unique, and beautiful. And each trying to figure out who they are and what they want to be. And trying to be a good friend, student, daughter, athlete, reader, and roller-skater. Since my girls have been at school all day I have had time to organize and clear my head. So when they come home, my mind is clear and I feel like I have been able to "see" them better. I enjoy watching them, and teaching them and listening to their sweet voices, and ideas and dreams. And to be honest I don't even feel like, "oh, why didn't I do that with them during the summer" or "oh, why didn't spend more time with them while they were home all day." Because I know that really it wasn't possible (okay possible, but not as easy as it is now for me) Okay, I guess what I am saying is that I love to have my kids in school, because it is exciting for them to learn, and grow and experience new things. It makes our lives interesting, and crazy, and mellow, all at the same time. It gives me chance to keep 4 rooms of the house clean at the same time for at least 6 hours, which makes me happy. It gives me chance to spend extra time with Preesley, who sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. It gives me time to do nothing if I don't want too, and guess what, Buck doesn't care if I do fact somedays he encourages it. Hey, and did I mention that Preesley takes naps, and makes for some very productive hours in my day!! 3 cheers for school, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray!! ***Preesley is in love with this cat. She pulls, squeezes, hugs, pinches, drops and drags this kitty around everyday. And this cat could get away if it wanted to, but instead it just keeps coming back for more. If this cat could be cloned every house in American should have one for a first pet!!****

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Petrified Forest

Yesterday afternoon we loaded up the kids and headed to the Petrified Forest. I mean we live like 35 minutes away and have never been. But I had heard that yesterday was a free admission day to National Parks. I was thinking wow what a bargain, but then we get there and the admission everyday is only $10! Either way it got is there. The first thing we did was stop at the information center. We could have turned around and gone home after that. The girls were in heaven running around and touching the petrified wood, and fossils and seeing dinosaur eggs and all kids of pre-historic animals frozen in time. I was so happy we had made the effort to come. After everyone had touched and see all the gift shop and information center could offer, we hopped back in the car and headed into the park itself. The first stop was to see the biggest piece of Petrified wood on record. We followed the little trail through a sea of petrified wood, it really was pretty amazing. After that we hit just about every little site along the way. The kids would hop out of the car and run to see what was next. The drive through the park is about 28 miles and you get to go through the painted dessert as well. We actually watched the sunset at the painted dessert. We also stopped at a little monument for the Historic Route 66 that runs through the park as well. It turned out to be a realy fun day.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Same School

Since they changed the school system up a little, Paige and Marley get to be at the same school for one year. As it was before they would have never ended up at the same school. Not like it is a big deal or anything, but I just think it will be cool...and easier. Same school, same drop-off, same pick-up, you get the picture. They both were really excited, Marley mabye a little more so than Paige, but that is just a difference in personlities. Marley is excited for homework, Paige is excited for her teacher's candy box. They are very different. I love them on a schedule, and I love my down time...I think I just might be nicer mom with them back in school! Here they are....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ally's First Day of Kindergarten

Yesterday Ally started Kindergarten. She was all smiles and excitement. The big debate has been whether she would stay all day or half a day. So when I dropped her off I told her I would be back at lunch to see if she wanted to stay or come home with me. So I went at lunch time and peeked into the classroom. What I saw could not have been more cute, her and her friend Jade were sitting by each other with some friends. They were giggling and smiling and chewing on their lunches. One of the spotted me and said "Ally, your mom is at the door" Ally and Jade both looked over at me, then Jades stands up and says "We are eating lunch", in her cutest little what are you doing here we are busy little look. So Ally just looks at me, doesn't get up, doesn't say anything, so I say "Ally come here" and she does and immediately I can tell she isn't coming home with me! Which was fine, but it did hurt a little. Anyway, she had a great day and was happy to go again this morning. She is surrounded by GREAT teachers and friends so I knew she is happy.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Paige is 10

Paige's birthday was on August 5th. She invited 2 of her friends to go camping at Fools Hollow for a night. We picked them up around 10:30am and the plan was for Buck to take them fishing, but what happened was they just jumped in the lake. Which I was surprised!!! Yuck, I think lakes are gross, but since it was one of the hottest days we have had in awhile, I guess they didn't care. So Buck just threw them a rope and pulled them around the Lake. In the meantime the little girls and I were setting up camp. Buck and Paige had set up our tents at about 6:00am to save our spot we had picked out the night before. While I was setting up stuff I could hear all this laughing and screaming down on the water. And I thought wow, that group is having fun. Well upon futher investigation I realized it was the birthday crew. Who knew hanging onto a rope and being pulled through the water would be so much fun!

After swimming and crawdad hunting we roasted hot dogs for lunch. After lunch the girls gathered whatever they could find to construct a miniature log cabin. They each had their own hot glue gun to assemble them. And needless to say, the each had several burns on their fingers by the end of it. Karli had one of the worst ones. After that they were hot and ready to get back in the water, so Buck took them out again. Meanwhile I went home to assemble the foil dinners, which turned out so yummy, the girls were so hungry I should have made them each 2! My mom and dad came out and ate with us. It was a really fun evening, and I know Paige won't forget it. She loves doing things like this. She must have thanked us a hundred times. She got some really nice gifts and had one colorful cake.

Amy Lee (Buck's sister) came and decorated Paige's cake, Paige picked out the colors. I had pictures of each one of her birthdays from 1-10 years old printed and stuck in her cake. To represent each year of life so far. It was so fun to look back and remember each one of birthdays and see how much she has changed. We are so proud of the good little girl she has become! Love you Paige.

Preesley is 1!