Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Same School

Since they changed the school system up a little, Paige and Marley get to be at the same school for one year. As it was before they would have never ended up at the same school. Not like it is a big deal or anything, but I just think it will be cool...and easier. Same school, same drop-off, same pick-up, you get the picture. They both were really excited, Marley mabye a little more so than Paige, but that is just a difference in personlities. Marley is excited for homework, Paige is excited for her teacher's candy box. They are very different. I love them on a schedule, and I love my down time...I think I just might be nicer mom with them back in school! Here they are....

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Kristal said...

Trachel! I dont' know if you even remember me, but we were semi neighbors in the trashy trailor park at EA and then Jason and I lived in those apartments that you guys managed in Show Low. Anyway, I came across your blog from Allreds. Love it. Way to go with all the girls. I'm from all girls. It's the best (even though I'm pg with my 3rd boy..haha, I love em). Anyway, hope things are fantastic! Um, you need pictures of YOU on your blog. I couldn't find any to make sure this was you, but then I figured how many Trachels do I know? and how many would be married to bucks??? haha.

Preesley is 1!