Sunday, August 9, 2009

Paige is 10

Paige's birthday was on August 5th. She invited 2 of her friends to go camping at Fools Hollow for a night. We picked them up around 10:30am and the plan was for Buck to take them fishing, but what happened was they just jumped in the lake. Which I was surprised!!! Yuck, I think lakes are gross, but since it was one of the hottest days we have had in awhile, I guess they didn't care. So Buck just threw them a rope and pulled them around the Lake. In the meantime the little girls and I were setting up camp. Buck and Paige had set up our tents at about 6:00am to save our spot we had picked out the night before. While I was setting up stuff I could hear all this laughing and screaming down on the water. And I thought wow, that group is having fun. Well upon futher investigation I realized it was the birthday crew. Who knew hanging onto a rope and being pulled through the water would be so much fun!

After swimming and crawdad hunting we roasted hot dogs for lunch. After lunch the girls gathered whatever they could find to construct a miniature log cabin. They each had their own hot glue gun to assemble them. And needless to say, the each had several burns on their fingers by the end of it. Karli had one of the worst ones. After that they were hot and ready to get back in the water, so Buck took them out again. Meanwhile I went home to assemble the foil dinners, which turned out so yummy, the girls were so hungry I should have made them each 2! My mom and dad came out and ate with us. It was a really fun evening, and I know Paige won't forget it. She loves doing things like this. She must have thanked us a hundred times. She got some really nice gifts and had one colorful cake.

Amy Lee (Buck's sister) came and decorated Paige's cake, Paige picked out the colors. I had pictures of each one of her birthdays from 1-10 years old printed and stuck in her cake. To represent each year of life so far. It was so fun to look back and remember each one of birthdays and see how much she has changed. We are so proud of the good little girl she has become! Love you Paige.


Valerie and Cameron Sparks said...

I can't believe Paige is 10 years old. It seems like it was just yesterday that you had just had her and your were telling the girls how wonderful it is to be a mom. My oldest turns 10 in October, it sure goes by way to fast.

Connie said...

What a great idea! Happy birthday Paige!

Mary Ann said...

What a fun day! That cake is the cutest thing in the world.. and i love the idea of putting pictures on it! Can't believe you have a 10 yr. old!.. you know what that means~ you're old! :) Love ya

Preesley is 1!