Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ally's First Day of Kindergarten

Yesterday Ally started Kindergarten. She was all smiles and excitement. The big debate has been whether she would stay all day or half a day. So when I dropped her off I told her I would be back at lunch to see if she wanted to stay or come home with me. So I went at lunch time and peeked into the classroom. What I saw could not have been more cute, her and her friend Jade were sitting by each other with some friends. They were giggling and smiling and chewing on their lunches. One of the spotted me and said "Ally, your mom is at the door" Ally and Jade both looked over at me, then Jades stands up and says "We are eating lunch", in her cutest little what are you doing here we are busy little look. So Ally just looks at me, doesn't get up, doesn't say anything, so I say "Ally come here" and she does and immediately I can tell she isn't coming home with me! Which was fine, but it did hurt a little. Anyway, she had a great day and was happy to go again this morning. She is surrounded by GREAT teachers and friends so I knew she is happy.

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