Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Morning

Ally and Marley have been wanting a pretend iron and ironing board for a few years not, but I just kinda blew them off. Then they mentioned it again this year, so started looking. They range in price from $15-to over $100! Dumb, I thought for some plastic or wood! Well then I got on my friend ebay! I found this childs vintage iron and ironing board. Once I saw it I fell in love, then I really fell in love when it said that the iron heated up to luke warm!! IT HAD TO BE MINE, i thought to myself! So I bid on it, and watched and waited, I won't tell you what I put as my max bid, but I didn't even come close to it, (thank goodness) Only $17! Anyway it was hit!! So cute!
Paige was really excited about this one from Santa!
Preesley finishing up Santa's Cookies.
Waiting to go downstairs.
Preesley on Christmas Eve.


Connie said...

Looks fun! And the girls looks cute as always! And, by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRACHEL! Believe it or not, I did think about calling you on the actual day and just forgot. I think I was nervous for Cindy's surgery. Anyway, I hope you had a great day! Love you tons! P.S. I played Mario Brothers (the original) on the Wii and was shocked how much I remembered. I got to level 5.4 on my first try. I was also shocked at how much playing took me back to the good ole days of playing video games with you at your house. Still looking for the original Zelda. Good good times! :)

Smart said...

Preesley is 1!