Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The newness has not worn off...

It has been exactly 7 months now since Miss Preesley Jade came into our lives and the girls are still as excited about her as the day we brought her home. (I know that was a run-on sentence) They are constantly, and I do mean constantly, asking me "can I hold Preesley when".....your done feeding her, when your done changing her diaper, when she wakes and is happy, when we get home from church, when we get to church, when she gets out of the tub, when she is in the tub..on and on and on!

The funniest was when we were pulling out of the driveway on our way to Gilbert. I mean we hadn't made it 5ft, and Ally says "can I hold Preesley when we get to Rob and Melissa's house?" It is out of control!! I guess I just didn't expect them to be so in to her still. It just proves to me that girls have a natural instinct to "mother". Preesley just lights up when she sees them. I mean she's got it made, she has 5 people who love her, make her laugh, give her kisses and think she is the cutest thing ever! The "baby" of the family has it made. (I should know, I'm one myself)

Can you blame them? Look at her!


Farris said...

She is so cute! Madisen is the same with Marlee. Actually Koye loves to be around her ALL the time, always smothering her. He will be her good little protector.

Anonymous said...

Trachel that is so cute!

Preesley is 1!