Friday, February 13, 2009

The Run Down...

1. Cute baby, always a constant at our house.
2. Parent teacher conference, Marley said "mom,you will only see one thing wrong with my report card and it is 'my' (meaning that she missed the word 'my' when testing on her site words. And she was right! But I bet she won't miss it again! We love that Marley, she has been the easiest kid her entire life.
3. Trying to drum up work...anyone need something built? Birdhouses to hospitals we can do it. Oh, and need I say, licensed, bonded and insured???
4. Ready for spring anyone? Seems like maybe if it was warmer we would be outside more and listening to the news less!
5. Working on my food storage... one can of beans at a time! Since I have been couponing I have been able to stock up on alot of stuff...most of it has been free or nearly free! Who knew??? Coupons, really? I always thought that coupons were a scam to try and get you to buy stuff you didn't need!!! I really should have been more informed!
6. "Come what may and love it" Elder Joseph B. Worthlin

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Connie said...

I have also gotten into that whole couponing thing and am really amazed at the kind of money you can really save. Bless those people who have those sites and update them regularly on the weekly deals.

Preesley is 1!