Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back in Business!

Hey look at me, surfing the web like nobody's biz!! Computer is fixed!!! Works like a charm, and I learned some valuable stuff along the way.

**First of all always do the update things your anit-virus provides. But here is the clincher, only do the updates that you initate. If something pops up telling you to to update....DON'T DO IT!! Make sure you go into your anti-virus and tell it what to do.

***Secondly, do the updates EVERYDAY!!! They (smart people) are constantly update the anti-virus software to combat the never ending supply of viruses out there. So updating their stuff everyday to keep your computer protected. Updating is different than scanning for viruses, updating is preventative.

***And Last, I learned that I spent to much time on the computer. I kinda enjoyed not having it to be perfectly honest, except that now I do have quite a bit of work to do!! But I did get my girls photo albums all caught up, yeah!!!

Oh and while we were "out with a virus" something sweet happend.
Preesley turned 6 months old! Here's how she looked on her 1/2 year Birthday.


Abby said...

I'm glad you are back online!! We had computer problems in Dec. and I hear ya on having so much more free time with out it but needing it to get "stuff" done. Just have to find the happy balance huh! :)

Your little girl couldn't be cuter!

Mary Ann said...

Oh my heck! That presley girl is adorable!! I'm glad to know your tricks with the anti-virus stuff. Our computer has been acting up big time. I need to get things checked out!

reyn and heidi said...

Ok Preesley is ADORABLE! She is so cute! Royce just started sitting up, it's so cute and fun! I love it, but I don't, cuz he is growing so fast!
Yeah so computer problems stink huh? Ours had a bad virus a few months ago! It was horrible we had to take it to the Dr. And it was there for like 2 weeks.
It has not been the same since :( Oh well.

Preesley is 1!