Friday, December 12, 2008

Marley said..."The Best Day Ever!"

Today was Marley's 6th Birthday. It consisted of tons of fun! To start out with she opened presents in the morning, while we read her "fan mail." I did a spin off of the Disney show i Carly, and did an i Marley Birthday for her. I made these little computers that had emails on them from her fans, (grandparents, sisters, mom and dad) telling her why the loved her. Almost all of her "fans" said something about her being so sweet! And it is true, she is our sweety bug. Then she was off to school, where I later came to help out her class with centers and to bring a treat for her class. After centers, I took Marley to Sonic for lunch, corn dog, fries, and a grape slush! After that we headed home. She kinda patiently waited until 5:00 when her grandparents came for dinner and presents! She had a ball opening her presents, (what person doesn't?) Some highlights included, new clothes, money, a diary, lip gloss, and a pretend toaster. After presents we bundled up and head to the Brookbanks. They invited our family over to check out their Christmas lights, and Brother Brookbanks train. We all loved it, they have quite the train set up. The kids had a ball looking at the little village set up and watching the train. Not to mention how cute and cozy their entire home was decorated for the holidays. And the best part was that they planned without us knowing for a visit from Santa!! They were shocked, Marley was so happy, Ally was freaked out, and Paige was giggly and a little bashful. It was just the coolest thing! We really were touched by the fun evening they planned for us. Thank you Jim and Jo!!!
So needless to say Marley had one memorable 6th birthday, and we had a blast too! So check out the picture tour below! (Ally not pictured with Santa, he rates right up there with Chucky Cheese! Intimidated by both)


Traci said...

Here is one more email to iMarley's fan mail!! Happy Birthday beautiful, sweet Marley!I sure wish we lived close enough to come and celebrate your birthday with you!! But I am glad we got to see you @ Thanksgiving!! If I were there right now, I would make a TON of playdough for you, in all different colors! With lots of fun cutouts to play with it with! We all wish you a Happy Birthday and send you our love!!!

Andrea said...

How cute Trachel! You're quite the creative cat, aren't you!? :)
Marley is so cute.
I can still remember holding her at Rob and Melissa's when she was a baby. Time flies.

Connie said...

All very cute. That kinda looks like Buck in that Santa suit. ?

Preesley is 1!