Tuesday, December 9, 2008

No More Nose Cast!

Paige went to the Dr. today and she got her nose cast off! She was so excited, she just kept giggling and looking at herself in the mirror when we got in the car after her appointment. I forgot how cute her nose was! She couldn't keep a smile off her face! We had a snow day today too, not sure why, but we did. (not much snow) So the girls had fun playing in the snow and watching Christmas movies. Buck will be home tomorrow from a Texas Whitetail hunt, he has been gone since last Thursday night. It has been like a really long week without him! Mrs. Nice Wife has had it with hunting for awhile, a long while!!! I would have said that I have had it for the year, but that would only give me a few weeks, and if Buck reads this I wouldn't want to give him any ideas!!! The girls have gotten into a bad habit of sleeping in my bed at nights since he has been gone, that should be a fun one to break once he gets back home! I like their company, Paige especially, she is fun to talk to and watch tv with. She is basically like an adult, I mean she thinks like one, so it is fun. Paige is one great bud. Marley is just a cuddler and is so sweet. And Ally, well, she falls asleep fast, which is nice. But then you have to put with her crying or whinning in her sleep all night. She does it EVERY night! I don't know what her deal is. She does this thing where she argues or whines to someone in her sleep! Maybe it has something to do with being a middle child, (getting her frustrations out or something!) Then there is Preesley my little leech! She feels right at home proped up on my arm and snuggled in. I just try to enjoy it she won't be small enough to do that for long. By the way have you seen the cute thing lately? If not, look below! (Thanks Kodi for making her cute pj's)

Oh and look down here to see what happens while I am on the computer. Nice! I found Marley and Ally creating these little numbers one day. In case you can't tell, that would be an apple with toothpicks in it, then tootsie rolls shoved onto the toothpicks, along with cuties. I wanted to be mad, but I couldn't. I just said "I hope you are hungry, because you are eating every bit of that." Well, not the toothpicks, thats just cruel!


Kellogg Krew said...

Preesley is growing way too fast. I am glad that Paige is feeling BEAUTIFUL again!! Are you sure that you should let Buck back in bed...I mean, it sounds like the girls might be more fun to sleep with!!! not really buck!! And I know that Texas is a huge state, was he anywhere near Dallas? That's where we are...well, about an hour east. This country girl could not live in a city like Dallas...no way.

Traci said...

Yeah, Paige!!! You got your "cute as a button" nose back!!! But then, you're always cute no matter what. That's why we gave you that sign for your room!! Marley and Ally...Can I put in an order for your fruit and toosie roll kabobs? They look tasty! And Preesley...I miss her little bundly, cuddly self. Such a good baby. Tra...sounds like you've about survived another hunting widow week! We need to plan a loooong trip to somewhere, don't we???

Allred's said...

What clever little creations your girls make. Every once in a while my girls do crazy things like this, but I always get so frustrated, so I am super proud of you for holding it together. And what a great wife you are for letting your husband hunt so much....hopefully he will make your Christmas a really good one for all your extra love!!

Preesley is 1!