Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's a GIRL!

Yeap we've done it again. He have added another girl to our family. This girl comes via you local pet store. Somehow, and I do mean somehow!!! The girls talked us into getting a hamster. It all started with Paige earning money and wanting to spend it on a pet, you know a fish or turtle or something. Well, no turtles at the pet store, and I mean why would you want a fish after you see bunnies, puppies, hamsters and macaws!! Paige was not going to buy a fish! Anyway, we ended up with a hamster. And I told Paige I wasn't contributing one red cent to this little endevour!! Ally and Marley kept saying that they would "mix" their money in with Paige's to get everything. (Ally had $1 and Marley had $2) Well they were about $1-$2 short of having all the cash they needed for a cage, food, bedding, and the hamster. So I gathered up some change (literally) from the cup holder in the car, and gave it to them. I couldn't believe they had talked me into this. What happens is that they get Buck on board with stuff first, so if he agrees and I don't, well...then...I just look like a hag! So there you have it, we have a hamster. It's name is Pam, created from an initial of each of the girls names.


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Traci said...

yeah!!! My kids CAN NOT believe it! In fact, Shea said "Does Trachel know?" Ha! If I can handle a RAT, you can handle a cute little hamster. Have fun girls! Hooray for car change!!

Preesley is 1!