Monday, September 22, 2008

Baby Yoga!

Last night Buck was getting Preesley ready for bed, and he kept pulling her up by her arms to her feet. Getting her stretching in for the day I guess. It was so cute and she couldn't quit smiling about it. She is so much fun. I love it when Buck plays with the kids, he thinks of doing things with them that I never would. (example. He holds them up-side-down, even Preesley for few seconds, every so often, he thinks it gets the blood flowing to their brains and makes them smarter!) Maybe someone should have told my dad to do this!!


Tyler, Kamry & Jaxxen said...

She is so cute! Im gonna have a hard time keepin the twins away from her! I cant wait to have newborns! They are so much fun!

Abby said...

You have the best posts Trachel! And to have such girly girls...How Fun!

Your baby is just so pretty! I think she looks a lot like you.

Amy Allred said...

I wish someone would have told my dad that too. Instead he picked us up by the ears, which I am sure this is the reason I still have trouble being a good listener. Only teasing. You look so fabulous in your picture below. You Skinny Minny

Preesley is 1!