Thursday, September 4, 2008


Today is mine and Buck's 10th Anniversary. I just thougth I would write 10 things I love about him. There are more than ten, but I had to cut it off somewhere!

#1 He mops my floors without me asking. If I go on trip or just leave for a few hours in the evening he will surprise me with mopped floors, or some other area of the house is sparkling clean!

#2 He buys me diamonds! Seriously I never even cared, expected, or even thought about getting diamonds from my husband. (except for my wedding ring of course) But other than that I just didn't care. Then for our first Christmas he bought me a channel set diamond ring, I loved it! Then one Valentines day he got me circle diamond necklace, that I wear everyday, probably my favorite piece of jewelery. I didn't know I would love it so much, but I do. Then while we were on a cruise he bought me a diamond tennis bracelet and a ring. Then for our anniversary 2 years ago he designed me a new wedding ring. I never really liked my first one, and he knew it so he surprised me with a new one that I just love!! (I didn't ask, I promise.) Then last year for our anniversary he got me another diamond bracelet and earrings. I don't wear any jewelry except what he has given me. I'm not a real accessorizor, I'm pretty "Plain Jane" but thanks to my sweet husband I do have a little sparkle about me!

#3 These aren't in any particular order, just writing them as they come! He makes me feel better about myself than I should!! I tells me I look good just after I have had a baby! And we all know what that looks like!!! He is just so supportive and boost my self esteem.

#4 He is passionate! About everything, cleaning his truck, mowing and growing the prettiest lawn, hunting, me, his girls, baking a great chocolate chip cookie.

#5 I love how I instantly get happier when he walks in a room. Everything feels right when he is around. I have always felt that way about him.

#6 He is a awesome dad! I know everyone says that, and I know everyone means it, and I'm so glad that it can be true for alot of us. He is the perfect dad for my kids. He plays with them, he jumps on the trampoline with them, he plays guitar hero with them, he goes on bike rides with them, he takes them hunting and fishing and he doesn't care that they aren't boys. He paints the girls toenails and finger nails anytime they ask.

#7 He is funny! When we were just friends before we dated I would just crack up at him, I mean he isn't the boisterous kind of funny or the loud kind of funny. He is the...well, I guess he's my kind of funny! He just knows what to say. I love that about him.

#8 He doesn't watch baseball on tv. I don't know why I thought of that one, but I was just thinking about how he isn't a big sport watching fan. I mean he loves sports, but doesn't really get all hard core into watching it. Which I love becaues I can't stand to watch sports on tv, especially baseball!

#9 He loves my family. I love that he loves my famiy, mom, dad, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, it doesn't matter he loves to be around any of them, and gets along great with them. And he doesn't care where we hang out for holidays, his family, my family, it doesn't matter. And I am the same way. No in-laws are the out-laws around here.

#10 He brings me flowers! He is so sweet in everything he does, so thoughtful and kind. Always does sweet things to make me happy, washes my car, fills it with gas, brings me flowers for no reason at all, irons our clothes on Sunday, just whatever. If it helps me out he willingly does it!

#11 Okay so I thought of another one! He's my best friend! There is nothing I want to do without him. I'd rather be with him than with anyone else!


Connie said...

Congratulations! I loved that list of things about him that you love. It sounds like you have a really great husband that is willing to do help out and do a really great job at it- none of this "faked incompetence" stuff. I am very happy for you- wish that I knew him better. I can't wait to see what kind of diamonds he gets you for the big 1-0. We should seriously consider going on a cruise together one of these years. Happy Anniversary!!!!!

Traci said...

Happy Anniversary!!You both are perfect for each other and it shows you are more crazy about eachother ten years later than the day you were married! I loved reading about your list of "11" things....pretty good guy and I'm happy for both of you. Let me know what you guys did to celebrate....well, within reason.ha!

Kellogg Krew said...

Happy Anniversary Trachel and Buck!! You really are a great couple. I think we all should sit down and do the "11" things list..what a great idea. Have a great day!

Stacie said...

Happy Anniversary. I loved reading your list. It just made me think of all the things that Dave does for me. It really made me appreciate him more. Thanks. I am so happy for you guys you are so amazing and I am glad that you have such a wonderful family.


Anonymous said...

That is so awesome Trachel!

Cami D. said...

If that was not the cutest post ever - congrats 10 that went fast! Good job Super Buck! :)

Preesley is 1!