Friday, September 19, 2008

Spit Up!

So Preesley spits up, ALOT!! Notice the picture, this is already her second outfit of the day, notice the pool of spit up to the right of her coller, then the spit up running out of her mouth, with a slight grin I might add. (Not photographed is the stream of spit up running around the base of her neck and down her back!) I'm on my second shirt of the day as well. It's funny beacuse when I was pregnant with Preesley I kept bragging about how none of my babies were spitter uppers, dun dun dun DUN!! Okay as I"m typing and she is on my lap she has produced another need to change her clothes!!! See picture below!!! I also seemed to be getting alot of bibs as gifts and I thought oh I won't be needing these until she starts eating foods,dun, dun, dun, DUN, I use about 3-4 a day!

While I am on the subject of spit up and sour milk, I remembered something funny Buck said one morning. We were just starting to stir in the morning, and he leaned over to give me kiss and a hug, and I said "don't, I smell like a milk cow", to which he said "no, you smell like a farmers' daughter!" Leave it to Buck to spice it up a little bit!

Spit up number 3! This time on my duvet cover, sometimes I feel like Charlie's mom in Charlie and Chocolate factory!! Laundry! (truly though, it is small price to pay for having such a sweet, healthy baby) I love my life.


Fullerton Family said...

That's how Jaci is/was! Yuck, yuck, yuck! But I agree, it's a small price to pay for a healthy baby. (even if it's one that smells funny frequently.) Preesley is such a doll!

Kodi Mortensen said...

You should find someone who does reflexology or something. I am asking Beverly, the footzoner, if she thinks I could do it to a baby and just exactly what to do. It is something like their iliocecal valve is opening and shutting right so they spit it up instead of using it. My brothers baby hasn't quit yet but he is happier and sleeps better so only time will tell and a few more treatments!!

Stacie said...

I totally understand your delima. Avery was a spit upper. She was always wet and went through multiple outfits a day. We even got rid of the burp rags and used the hospital blankets and cheap blankets instead. That way they lasted longer. Burp rags were just to small for Avery's massive reflux.

Preesley is 1!