Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Button Button Who's got the Button?

BUCK DOES!!! This weekend we went to my Grandpa's Cabin in Alpine, AZ. On Sunday afternoon after church Buck was changing Preesley out of her dress. From the kitchen I heard Buck yell "Trachel", we he didn't say anything else so I just kept doing what I was doing. Then I finally went in to see what he wanted. I get in there and Buck says "I pulled it off" He had just pulled Preesley's umbilical cord off!! She is almost 6 weeks old and it still hadn't fallen off, and apparently Buck was really sick of it. So he just pulled it off! I was all "you can't do that" and he says, she was smiling at me the whole time. He said he just tugged on it a little and she didn't care so he tugged a little more and then just finally got it off. When I got in there he was dabbing it with a kleenex because it was bleeding. I told him her insides were gonna start coming out. I have a cousins who is a labor and delivery nurse so I called her in to see what Buck had done, she assured me that it was fine. And it is! She took her first real bath last night, and hated it, screamed the whole time just about. Anyway, its gone and she has a cute little belly button in its place, so I guess I should thank Buck.

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