Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Buck

(Here is the cake I would have made if I made cakes like this, but then again I don't know, because Buck would say something like, "why did they make that deer look like that", "those antlers would never be on that type of buck" Or he would say, "that type of camo is not right for the area we live in, it is too dark" But really he would say, "thanks babe, you did awesome!")

Today is my Buck's birthday. If you don't know to much about him I thought I would share some my favorite things about him.
#1 He is clean, squeaky clean. Not that you would want to...under the most desperate circumstances to eat out of someone's ear, but if you had to you could eat out of his!! He have stock in Q-tips.
#2 He is extremely thoughtful.
#3 He works hard.
#4 He keeps are yard and Pops and Linda's yard looking PERFECT!!!
#5 He is funny, not funnier than me, but funny.
#6 He does things with the girls that make them feel special and teaches them things.
#7 He has nice thick hair, but he shaves it. I love how he looks with a fresh shaved head, and face for that matter. He is fanatical about keeping himself groomed up!
#8 He treats me good, spoils me in fact.
#9 Have I ever mentioned that he brings me flowers?
#10 I am convinced that there isn't ANYTHING he couldn't do.


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Allred's said...

That is an awesome cake, my dad is the same way about "those antlers wouldn't be on that buck and the camo" so funny, Buck is a great guy and we wish him a slappy happy!

Preesley is 1!