Wednesday, May 13, 2009

50's Kindergarten Graduation

Marley graduated from Kindergarten yesterday. It was so fun. They had a 50's themed celebration. The kids learned the songs, "Lollipop", "Don't step on my blue sued shoes" "Sandman" "Shake Rattle and Roll" and another school song as well. They performed them so well. Marley really did a great job this year. Things just come naturally for her, art, penmanship, you name it, she's got it down. We love her! I have been noticing how tall she has gotten, I wish I would have measured her before she started school this year. But by the looks of her high water pants she has grown an inch or two!


Raine said...

I can see your back! It is so nice to have a new post! Great job Marley and Happy LATE birthday Buck!

Allred's said...

What a clever idea, And her dress is adorable, did you make it?

Preesley is 1!