Sunday, August 3, 2008

Paige's Surprise Party

On Saturday we had a surprise party for Paige. It was sort of last minute, her birthday is on August 5th which is the day before school starts, so I thougth it would be funner if we did it ahead of time. She didn't have a clue. We had it outside, and invited her cousins that were in town. I wish the whole family could have been there, the weather was perfect! We had hamburgers and hot dogs. Then Paige decided this year she wanted donuts instead of cake. So we made donuts and let everyone decorate them themselves. It was a hit! Paige got an Ipod shuffle for her birthday and it hasn't quit playing. Sounds like a teenager is in the house! Marley loves jammin out to it too! I am surprised at how well they know some of the songs! A little scary. Anyway it was a fun night. HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY PAIGE! We love you.

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