Sunday, August 17, 2008

In other News....

Buck had an antelope hunt in New Mexico this weekend. So he and Paige and Pops left on Wednesday to go scouting and then to hunt opening day. Paige has been really excited about this hunt, and she even got her first set of camo for the hunt. We call her Poco when she wears it. Anyway, Buck got permission from her teacher to pull her out for a few days and they left. They scouted Thursday and Friday, and saw tons of antelope, like 50-60 bucks. They were all excited for opening morning. On Saturday morning they got up at 3:30am and went to find the buck they had seen the night before. Well at about 7:30am Buck calls me and asks me "how do like your antelope steaks cooked." That was just his way of telling me he had killed one, because he knows there is no way I'm eating that stuff. So here are the pics! I'll have to get back to everyone on the details, but I do know it made the Boone and Crocket record book. Buck is so happy, my husband, not the dead antelope!!! SORRY TO ANYONE WHO DOESN'T UNDERSTAND HUNTING AND THINKS IT IS SAD, ( I actually do too, but I've come to terms with it) ha.

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