Friday, August 13, 2010

First Day of School and Other Fun Stuff....This ones for you Angela:)

Who needs boys? Ally shooting the bebe gun while were camping the week before school started and Marley really have a good time on the cabin swing. They liked playing on this swing so much, we made one at your camp for them use. It was a popular attraction!

First Day of School. Paige is in 6th Grade and in the Junior High. So far she likes it, she says moving classes makes her day go by faster. That's what is important righ? Marley is i the 2nd Grade, which she has informed is "AWESOME" every single day at last 4 times. On the second day of school she said that the "past two days of school have been better than her whole school experience" And she has had some awesome teachers. Maybe I should go someday and check out the "awesomeness" Ally is in Kindergarten with lots of friends. The worst part for her is waiting until 12:30 to go. Bring back all day Kindergarten...please!

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