Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Miss Preesley, the Octo-baby. I really love how it turned out. You should see her walking in this, it so cute the way her little legs flop around. Love it! The little bow on her head is an octopus too!

Paige the perfect scarecrow! I killed me to put make-up on her face and cover her cute freckles! But she insisted!

Ally my little cowgirl! We are really getting our money out of this costume. She is the 3rd little Binnie girl to wear it. Cute everytime!!

Marley my little witchy-poo! You can bet her favorite part of the outfit is her earrings! Had to have those little numbers!


Traci said...

A-dor-a-ble! Just as I imagined they would be....or better! The girls always look soo dang cute! I love the octobaby! YOu did a great job on all of their costumes....right down to the perfect bow, ear rings, tights! Love, love, love em!! Thanks for posting!

Connie said...

Very very cute! I also love the Octobaby! What a cute idea! I still need to scan a picture of you wearing the bright pink Rockies & bandana when we were 10 or 11. Classic. The girls all look SO cute!

Angela said...

Ahh your girls are soo cute! Bravo Bravo on the costumes :)

Preesley is 1!