Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tour De Show Low

Paige was in her first bike race this weekend. She wasn't nervous at all, just excited. (I was really nervous for her) She was determined to win. It was so exciting!! We could only see in the distance her racing, but each lap it looked like she was in 2nd place. So we just kept watching for her to come up the hill to the finish line. When we finally saw her, we saw her pretty much neck and neck with the same rider she had been with the whole race. So we just start cheering and yelling and she just kicks it in to high gear and WINS!!!! I cried! And anyone who knows Buck, knows that he did too! It was so cool, it was really good for her self-esteem! I would have been proud even if she hadn't won, because I kept thinking she would want to back out and not do it at all, but she was determined and excited. It was one fun morning. Both of her grandparents were there to see her, it was really special. She won a medal and a new odometer timer thing for her bike. GOOD JOB PAIGE!!!! Oh look for her in next weeks paper.

Enjoy the pics...


Allred's said...

ShowLow is beautiful!! Looks like it was a good time and that she did really well!

Connie said...

So AWESOME! Good job Paige! You must have been blessed with your mom's mad bike riding skills. I ate her dust for years!

Preesley is 1!