Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear TRACI....

Happy Birthday to YOU!! If you haven't met my sister Traci, you should. I have looked up to her my whole life, in fact I am still doing it! So I have posted the top 10 reasons why you would want to meet my big sister it goes.

#1 She loves my kids just as much or at least dang close to as much as she does her own.
#2 She always had the coolest clothes and hair....still does. She gets prettier every year!
#3 She can cook/bake anything.
#4 She is the best hostest ever.
#5 She is always up for getting a treat..DQ,Sonic, whatever.
#6 She always remembers my birthday.
#7 She always decorates her homes so cute, just the right amount of new, antique,and nostalgic. You instantly feel right at home when you visit.
#8 She likes to shop.
#9 She makes my girls homemade play-dough, they are convinced she has the only recipe in the world. (I'm going to keep it that way)
#10, number 10 already...I"m just getting started.
#11 She loves and appreciates old things.
#12 She is laid back and wants to make others happy, I think Traci of all of us siblings got the perfect mix of mom and dad's characteristics.
#13 She has let me be in charge of canned corn at Thanksgiving for as long as I can remember!
#14 She just plain has it together!
#15 She lets her kids do stuff, pet rats, horses, chickens, cows, cats, dogs, baseball, football, basketball, igloo forts made out of snow, sledding behind a four wheeler on a deer skin, leather crafts and long bows. She allows them to explore their interests even if it isn't hers.
#16 Which brings me to the obvious she and Mark made some awesome kids.
#17 She taught me and Connie how to head bang when were about 8 years old! In case you don't know how to head bang...her instructions were these....pretend you have a pony tail on top of you head, and then pretend you are pulling that pony tail forward with your fist. Got it?
#18 She will stay up late and just visit.
#19 She made me a washer and dryer out of card board boxes so I could play house with them when I was little. I have never forgotten that, I thought that was the coolest thing.
#20 She is the best sister and friend I could ever ask for.

Happy Birthday! Love ya, Tra


Allred's said...

What an awesome post for your sis. I loved it, and even though I've never met her, I feel like she could be my best friend. You girlies are lucky to have one another. Sister's are the best@!

Traci said...

Well, actually, I HAVE THE BEST SISTER!! Trachel, you had to go and make me cry on my birthday. Tears of joy of course that I have a sister like you! So many nice things you wrote about me. I love it! Thanks for making my birthday so special today. You really are the best!

Traci said...
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Preesley is 1!