Tuesday, July 15, 2008

False Alarm!

Last night I started having contractions, about 10 minutes apart. I have been so paranoid about not getting an epideral that I told myself I wasn't going to fiddle around with laboring at home, because I do that then I get the hospital in pain, and things just go down hill from there. So I told Buck, get ready we are going now! So we throw a few last minute things in my bag, call Linda to come and watch the girls and we are off. We start driving and Buck keeps asking me "are you having another one?" and of course I'm not, and am getting kinda mad about it, you know how you get all shaking inside and the adrenaline start pumping? Well that is about all that was going on!! No more contractions, so instead of turing around we go to Wal-Mart to walk around to see if that will get things goin'. Well that didn't do NUTHIN'!!! So we just headed for home, crawled in bed and slept till 8:30am. I really thought it was go time, because I never have contractions unless its TIME! So today I'm just killing time, clothes have been washed, beds made, bags packed, baseboards painted, cabinets organized, floors cleaned, I have run out of nesting possibilites. The other day I was so excited that we had ran out grape jelly, it gave me an excuse to go to the store!


the larson girls said...

Dang it! Preesley is just taking her sweet time. I hate when your that close...you NEVER know? Good luck I hope tonight is THE NIGHT!!!! :)

btw: cute blog!

Connie said...

Ha ha! You are in it for the long haul I guess! I have been thinking about you every day, waiting for the big news. I am excited for you, and you will be fine without an epidural if it comes to that. You have always been tougher than me, so if I can do it- you can. I am still waiting for the nesting thing to get a little stronger to actually paint my base boards, but I did actually go buy paint and brushes (you inspired me). Good luck with everything! I am looking forward to seeing a picture of the cute little gal! Love ya!!!!

Preesley is 1!