Friday, August 13, 2010

Paige's 11th Birthday and Camping at Buro Mountain

London and Preesley had a ball together, they kept things interesting. They wanted a new capri sun every 10 minutes, they wanted to play in the mud, we couldn't keep them out of the ice chest. They wanted to play in the back of Pop's truck, they were so cute. Dirty...but cute. Preesley really loved to swing on the cabin swing and on the one we made at camp. I kept worrying she wouldn't hold on, but she always did and once her turn was over she would stand in line and wait till it was her turn again. Most of the time, she didn't wait patiently, she pretty much cried until it was her turn again. Stinker!

The week before school started we went camping. It is so much work to go, but once you are out there it is all worth it! We went camping with Pops and Linda and Amy's kids. Which made it all the more fun!! Todd and Misty let us borrow their 5th wheel. We totally appreciated that, I don't think I ever want to camp without one. Thank you!!! We had great weather, it only rained one night and part of one day. So we couldn't have asked for better. The kids were so good, they fished, shot guns, hiked, played cards, watched movies, played on these corrals that were next to where camp was and just enjoyed making and playing in the fire. Fires really are entertaining! It is amazing to me how much fun they can come up with out in the woods.

First Day of School and Other Fun Stuff....This ones for you Angela:)

Who needs boys? Ally shooting the bebe gun while were camping the week before school started and Marley really have a good time on the cabin swing. They liked playing on this swing so much, we made one at your camp for them use. It was a popular attraction!

First Day of School. Paige is in 6th Grade and in the Junior High. So far she likes it, she says moving classes makes her day go by faster. That's what is important righ? Marley is i the 2nd Grade, which she has informed is "AWESOME" every single day at last 4 times. On the second day of school she said that the "past two days of school have been better than her whole school experience" And she has had some awesome teachers. Maybe I should go someday and check out the "awesomeness" Ally is in Kindergarten with lots of friends. The worst part for her is waiting until 12:30 to go. Bring back all day Kindergarten...please!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter at the Cabin

We spent another Easter at The Cabin. I swear every year it gets colder and colder and every year there is more of that white stuff hanging around! Cold or not it is still so good to see all my cousins, aunts, uncles and family. I guess what I love the best is how much fun my kids have. I hardly see them for 3 days. They just run around with their cousins like they see them everyday, and actually some of them only see each other once year at the cabin. They don't miss a beat. I really love my extended family, we are so blessed to have The Cabin to keep us all connected. And to be place where we can gather to catch up, laugh, and make new memories. I want to thank my dad and my aunt, and my uncles for sharing it with us.

Easter at The Cabin

Okay, this pictures was not taken at Easter, but who cares! Don't you just want to squeeze her??? I thought she looked especially cute on this day...and I think she thought she was pretty cute herself.(thanks Angela:)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

TODAY is more than St. Patrick's Day

It is my sister's 40th Birthday!! Happy Birthday Traci! Honestly, you don't look a day over 25!!! I have always thought you get prettier and prettier every year! Look out 50!!! Thanks for being the best sister in the world. I"m really the only one who can say that and it be right, other people just say that because they have too! You have always been so nice to your little bratty sister. Remember when I wore your new purple Arizona National jacket at breakfast. I wanted to wear it over my clothes I wouldn't get any food on them. OH, you were mad, then I said something, I don't know what. But I got in trouble and dad actually grounded me! Grounded me, that was the first and last time I was ever grounded. It really made an impression on me. And do you remember me eating a package of sweettarts that you bought. You were so made at me for that too! I was always in your hair!! And then do you remember me "dusting" our dresser with hairspray??? That was a classic move on my part! Anyway, thanks for putting up with me as a little sister. I have always looked up to you, always. You were who I wanted to be, thanks for being such a great example to me. You are an awesome mother, wife, and sister.

I wish I could hop in the car and be with you on your birthday. In fact I have contemplated it several times. I just can't get the logistics of it down, it's hard for mom's to run off and do anything on the spur of the moment. We have to much to plan and organize! But just know my heart is there and I"ll be thinking of you all day long!!! Happy Birthday!!!! Trachel

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Apollo Ohno

While watching the Olympics today they were showing different pictures of the athletes. I've noticed Marley really liked watch Apollo, but never really said anything. Then today Paige says "there's Marley's husband" to which Marley says "pretty much". Then she says, "I'd be extremely happy to just touch him!" Just thought it was cute.

Preesley is 1!